Bridges projects

Bridges projects

Since the year 2000 up to date, Engineers Without Borders Germny – Bridge building group began its projects in Rwanda, working in close cooperation with former KIST (Kigali Institute of Science and Technology) which is currently the CST (College of Science and Technology) at the University of Rwanda / UR. In this cooperation, engineering Students were highly involved for all activities concerning the Sites identification, Bridge design, trainings and construction works, mostly leading with the construction of foot Bridges in different rural areas of Rwanda.

Maintenace and renovation of Kirambo road bridge, is located in Vunga / Gakenke District.

Kamajanga suspension Foot Bridge (35m long), is located between two Sectors: Mulinga and Jomba of Nyabihu District, Western Province. It serves the people accessing to the nearest Main asphalt road, Schools, Kabaya Hospital, Kabaya modern Market, and Administrative offices (Jomba Sector), etc.

In the same line of Bridge building, an organization “Bridge to Prosperity” from US, in collaboration with EWB-RWANDA several sites have been identified and then executed foot bridges in different areas of Rwanda.


This is Kibirira river, one of the identification sites and implemented the the foot bridge as solution.

Kibirira foot bridge (37m long) acrossing the river was too dangerous to across while raining.


Identification of different sites was conducted in collaboration with EWB-Rwanda and local community.

TABA foot bridge, Gakenke District.

Along the period, Bridges to Prosperity and EWB-Germany have executed more than twenty (20) suspended Foot Bridges to serve over 150,000 people in different areas of Rwanda. Not only water and Bridges projects have put into action; also other several projects have been done by Engineers without Borders from USA and Germany, likely: Agriculture, solar energy, fuel briquettes, stove cooking, housing, teaching, trainings, solar water pumping, etc.

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