Our activities

What We Do


  1. Rural development (Infrastructure; F.eg. Construction of buildings, Roads, Bridges, etc.);
  2. Economic transportation;
  3. Productivity and Youth employment;
  4. Power sector development;
  5. Agricultural Technical support;
  6. Water supply and treatment projects;
  7. Renewable energy technology;
  8. Scientific research development;
  9. Advanced computer networking;
  10. Youth and entrepreneurship innovation;
  11. Low cost housing and urban planning;
  12. Educational support and provision of trainings;
  13. Projects management and valuation;
  14. Provide practical skills and related workshops;


  • Working in line of the national millennium development goal (Vision 2020, IDPRS II, Etc);
  • Beneficiary will be involved in projects design and implementation since the beginning;
  • Lecturers and Students from Colleges of the Rwanda University will be the first partners;
  • Local communities will be contacted and involved in the projects;
  • Professionals and Experts will be working with university Students for knowledge transfer;
  • Members of EWB-RWANDA will be sharering the tasks for working to the projects;
  • Local people will be trained and work on the projects for generating an income;
  • Local materials will be used wherever required at reasonable price.








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By supporting EWB - Rwanda, you would be developing communities and improving quality of life through the implementation of sustainable engineering projects.

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