Our History

Our History

Engineers Without Borders (EWB-Rwanda) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that uses engineering practices to improve the quality of life through education and implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects. It is established to partner with EWB chapters from around the world, other organizations or institutions and local communities, since 2005 some members in action (Wellars, Tuombe, Bonaventure and Joseph), and 2013 officially founded at the University of Rwanda (former KIST).

Meeting, discussing and working with Engineers Without Borders from around the world; having site and regional experience in needs; after analyzing the technical and managerial capacity of the Rwandans with local potential in materials; it was required to have a Rwandan group of Engineers to develop practical skills by giving solutions for identified problems into the community, as per the mission, vision, and objectives here below mentioned.

Along the past years, Rwandan engineers and Experienced Advisors (namely Wellars BAHORANYE, Dr GATABAZI Jean Damascene, Dr Leopold MBEREYAHO, SEKAMANA Jean Damascene, Joseph NTWALI, KYAZZY Eduard, NIKUZE Joselyne , MUNYABUGINGO Bonaventure, and MUGOROZI Theophile) set together and analyzed the solutions as contribution to sustainable development projects through engineering networking humanitarian organization “Engineers Without Borders – Rwanda” in partnership with the Government, NGOs, Institutions, Academics, Volunteers, Industries, and local communities.

EWB-RWANDA has been officially registered under the registration No78/RGB/NGO/2016 dated 27th January 2016, by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) for mission, vision and objectives as follows:


EWB-RWANDA has been founded with a mission to partner with developing communities to improving the quality of life through education and implementation of engineering projects. EWB-Rwanda gives to university students and engineering professionals’ members a unique and life changing opportunity to participate in and improve the global community.


EWB-RWANDA has a vision in which the communities have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our members together with our partners have the global perspectives through the innovative professional educational opportunities.


To involve the concept and implementation of engineering assistance through which most of Rwandans citizens have the opportunity to meet their most basic needs. For that, it will partner with EWB chapters from around the world, other organizations or institutions and local population.

All members of the organization EWB-Rwanda will have the priority in case of recruitment of employees; they will professionally get trained for having the capacity to do so for others; for those members’ fresh graduates, will have the priority and facilities for keeping one’s terms according to their major of study.


  • Identification, implementation and ensuring the follow-up on the maintenance of implemented projects
  • Providing technical assistance to Rwandan Governmental and non-governmental organizations or institutions; and rural population in order to achieve millennium development goals (EDPRS, VISION 2020,…);
  • Build the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in all sectors of activities with professional training so that more Rwandans get capacity by exercising different practices for improving living standards;
  • Providing assistance to EWB-Chapters from around the world in implementation of their projects in Rwanda;
  • Working jointly with the Rwandan Government to identify the regions of greatest need throughout the country and identify projects that will have the greatest impact to the population in the Districts and Provinces;
  • Organize fundraising activities in order to implement identified projects
  • Implementing and maintenance of identified different projects;
  • Establishing training center and provide professional trainings;
  • Partner with EWB-International in the implementation of projects and capacity building and in Rwanda.

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