Water projects in Muramba Parish

 Muramba Parish

In March 2004, it has been established the first visit of Engineers Without Borders (EWB)-USA at Muramba Parish and identified that some problems need sustainable solutions. This first visit was conducted by Dr. Bernard Amadei, Professor of Civil Engineering at Colorado University-Boulder/USA and Founder of Engineers Without Borders –USA. He was accompanied by other Engineers and other qualified from different disciplines of profession (Chemical, Civil, geological, mechanical, economists …)

They were specifically, focusing on developing communities; provide students with the opportunity to find solutions to some of the problems faced by the millions of people who are poor. It also challenges engineering students and other professions to identify vital issues which may be the greatest roadblocks to poverty alleviation through sustainable community development. The assessment was done on identification and implementation of community development projects.

From 2005 up to date, different groups of professors and engineering students (Civil, geological, chemical, economists, and journalists) from EWB-USA Chapters, those from German and Canada, conducted several visits in Rwanda, and then implement different community projects in different areas of Rwanda. The projects are “Water supply, rainwater catchment, solar energy, fuel briquetting, bridges, seminars, agriculture, education, etc.”


Water pipe line in Hindiro /Ngororero District used by over 5, 000 people and 1750 Students, Capacity of flow late: 1.3 Littre/ Sec


Mukindo water project

In partnership with EWB – Quebec, EWB-RWANDA and Gisagara District, there is water project which is in execution process of PHASE II. It will serve over 7000 people, with 50m3 of water storage per day. The project will be running by mainly “Solar water pumping system” with a height of 160m.


 Runyinya water project

Runyinya water projects located in Mukindo Sector of Gisagara District are currently being done in partnership with EWB-QUEBEC- Gisagara District and EWB-Rwanda. Runyinya water project has Capacity of 20m3 per day, serving 4,500 people, officers and Students at Runyinya Cell and School.





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